At the age of sixteen, Hong would scribe the following verses which would later evolve into a struggle of two decades:

And did I know it
then, that years later

I would trace again
and anticipate

With tears which could not
form at first, but would,

Through affectations
derived of seasons

And the grand gestures
of the open sky,

All the weighed wishes
of the twilight moon,

The windowpanes rain
streaked with memories

So murmurously dark
with my desire?

Beyond the fulfillment of these prophetic lines, the primacy of this poem would take command of Hong's existence. He would soon put aside his paintings and start on the path of this singular and near impossible task. Twenty years later, his epic poem, I, Faust would celebrate this publishing event. Exit Orpheus, a dramatic poem, is his second book. He currently resides between New York and Paris working on another epic poem, Exoration.

I, Faust
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Exit Orpheus
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